Yet you’re there, in front of your smartphone, missing out on cool opportunities. Holiday pictures, invitations for events, geotags in places where you have always wanted to go. There are endless news for you to browse and many emotions you can feel, but do not worry: you are not alone. There are many people who feel the FOMO (acronym for the English expression Fear of missing out), the fear of being cut off from everything and of not living up to others’ lives.

For us at UNICEF Italia NextGen, FOMO, after all, is a provocation. It represents the contrast between those who live striving to achieve an impossible perfection and those who try to rebuild a balance around themselves, maybe even unstable, enjoying the present and facing their fears to turn them into opportunities and build their future.

FOMO is also a photo-issue that, through its images, tells the stories of the teen refugees of the Lebanese Innovation Labs, the project supported by UNICEF Italia NextGen.

Edition no. 0 of the photographic report, distributed with Vanity Fair in number 51 (on the newsstands on December 18, 2019), is dedicated to young Lebanese and vulnerable Syrian and Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon and taking part to UNICEF’s Innovation Labs

Creative Director: Charley Vezza
Photography: Jim C. Nedd
FOMOLogo, lettering e layout: Sebastiano Mastroeni, Ivan Piperis, Myriam El Assil
Copywriter: Gaia Federighi
Directed by: Caterina Viganò
Sound: Tommaso Simonetta
Original music: Francesco Fantini
Sound design: Gianluca Andreucci
Project Manager: Elisabetta della Croce

Supported by Lavazza Group.